Do you have a business whose online audience you would like to grow? Are you interested in growing your personal brand on social media, but don’t know how to establish your voice? Without knowing the fundamentals and strategic thinking behind social media channels, your marketing efforts and online presence can remain stagnant while others move ahead.

Learning these platforms from a business angle will help you create your communities around your business the right way. This workshop focuses mostly on Instagram, but does touch on other platforms.

Come learn how to share your authenticity, find your voice, and learn best practices.

In this lecture you’ll learn:

  • Defining your brand voice for social media and optimize your brand identity
  • Learn the business purpose of each platform, identify what platform(s) work best for you
  • Find your target audience, analyze competitors, and the importance of authentic communication
  • How to increase your audience’s engagement, grow your following, and get your brand message across with communication tactics and social media ethics
  • How to build an aesthetic that visually represents your brand with proper techniques and creative direction

Who is this for?
This lecture is for aspiring social media influencers, marketers, and communication managers looking to save time, avoid common mistakes and learn practical tips from an industry perspective.

9:30 am Welcome & introduction
9:40 am Group Introduction
9:55 am Social Media 101
10:30 am Establish Your Brand Aesthetic/Content
11:15 am Coffee Break
11:25 am Community Management & Engagement
12:00 Working with Influencers and brands
12:30 pm Organizing your tasks
12:40 pm Q&A

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Class Rules

1 We’re all peers and everyone is here to learn - even the teacher. There are no wrong questions. The class is a safe space to practice and most importantly make mistakes.

2 Building people up - not breaking them down. Critique is important for growth, so be ready to give and receive it constructively.

3 We’re not here to compete. Be kind, take a chance and share. You’d be surprised how people at different stages in their career are struggling with the same issues. Open up, be authentic, and make real connections.