Ever wondered why the “best of class” only hang out with their circle? Or, better yet, how to reach those “inner rings” within your industry? You know, that Tim Cook or Mark Cuban in your industry!

Join us on Saturday, August 11th at Industrious Irvine as I host a collaborative workshop to teach you how to do just that! In fact, a recent study by Gartner showed that your network is not just your net worth, it is directly related to your overall happiness. Whether you’re an Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner looking to “break through” and create geometric growth, or a Corporate Executive or Employee simply looking to “sharpen your networking saw”, this workshop is for you.

Learning Lessons

During this workshop, you will learn:

  1. Why Strategic Partnerships must be tied to your company’s mission, regardless of your industry
  2. How to create a Networking Blueprint to expand/enhance your network ecosystem
  3. What best practices exist in order to set you on the right path for success to “liquidate your rolodex”

Important Note
Warning: If you’re looking for a fast break, this is NOT the session for you. This workshop is intended to guide you to your destination. Sweat equity is most definitely required.

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Class Rules

1 We’re all peers and everyone is here to learn - even the teacher. There are no wrong questions. The class is a safe space to practice and most importantly make mistakes.

2 Building people up - not breaking them down. Critique is important for growth, so be ready to give and receive it constructively.

3 We’re not here to compete. Be kind, take a chance and share. You’d be surprised how people at different stages in their career are struggling with the same issues. Open up, be authentic, and make real connections.