Join me in the recording studio as we listen and go through a full Pro Tools multitrack song. We’ll listen on mastering grade speakers to each individual part and I will show you how the song was produced.

You’ll learn:

  • Modern production techniques to take a song from basic piano or guitar/vocal to radio ready!
  • Tips and tricks to apply to your own songs
  • How to improve your vocal recordings

Who is this for?
This lecture is for fresh upcoming music producers and singer-songwriters looking to translate their songs from basic form to full radio ready productions.

7:00 pm Welcome & introductions
7:15 pm Structure example – Explore the song’s Pro Tools multitrack

  • How is it formed?
  • What’s the instrumentation and the role of each instrument?
  • Where’s the hook in the song?
8:30 pm Coffee break
8:45 pm
  • How sounds are layered
  • Signal processing chain and why it was chosen
  • How you can make a great mix (on affordable speakers!)
  • Mixing vocals to shine
9:45 pm Q&A

Where? The Writing Room – A state of the art, creative space, where songwriters and artists come together to create the hit songs of tomorrow, today.  I designed the studio from the ground up to ideal acoustic specifications for modern day music production. The Writing Room combines digital, classic analog outboard and microphones with a world class monitoring system.

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Class Rules

1 We’re all peers and everyone is here to learn - even the teacher. There are no wrong questions. The class is a safe space to practice and most importantly make mistakes.

2 Building people up - not breaking them down. Critique is important for growth, so be ready to give and receive it constructively.

3 We’re not here to compete. Be kind, take a chance and share. You’d be surprised how people at different stages in their career are struggling with the same issues. Open up, be authentic, and make real connections.