How to build your brand, increase engagement, and stay real

Engaging your audience and building your brand can feel like a nightmare or the easiest thing on earth. Understanding your following and speaking to the people with whom you want to be engaging does not mean giving up a part of yourself.

Every audience is different, every creator is different, and every person behind an instagram handle is seeking a way to talk MORE with the people who care, and LESS with the people who don’t get it.

You do not have to manipulate your audience. There is an audience out there that wants to hear what you really have to say. This class will show you how to directly connect with those people.

What you’ll learn

  • How to stay true to yourself – you do not have to compromise who you are in order to be successful
  • Marketing basics – Does timing really matter? Should you use each platform differently? How do you know what to post?
  • Who is your audience and how do you focus on the people you want to be talking to?
  • What is good engagement? How do you keep people interested?

Who is this for?
This lecture is for creators, brands, anyone using social media – whether it’s new to you or you have 12 million followers. This is for anyone looking to engage the audience they like talking to.

5:00 pm Welcome & introductions
5:15 pm Finding and Engaging Your Audience
6:30 pm Coffee Break
6:45 pm Marketing and Building Your Brand
7:45 pm Q&A

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Class Rules

1 We’re all peers and everyone is here to learn - even the teacher. There are no wrong questions. The class is a safe space to practice and most importantly make mistakes.

2 Building people up - not breaking them down. Critique is important for growth, so be ready to give and receive it constructively.

3 We’re not here to compete. Be kind, take a chance and share. You’d be surprised how people at different stages in their career are struggling with the same issues. Open up, be authentic, and make real connections.