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Superlect Terms of Service

At Superlect we understand that you keep your privacy, reputation and hard earned money in high value.

We appreciate the trust you give us and that is why we are committed to act carefully, securely and responsibly with you, your reputation, your data and your money. We use modern high quality tools and practices for protecting your personal data, and as a company established in Finland we follow the World’s strictest data legislation, the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union, regardless of where in the World we provide our service. More privacy related stuff will be explained below.

In return, we humbly ask you to be trustworthy and respectful when using our product and/or service. And what is even more important, we ask you to familiarise yourself with these terms where we explain the somewhat boring details that relate to how we expect you to act when using our service how we use your personal data.

We retain the right to delete a course listing or a user account, and to cancel a class with no compensation to instructor or user, should he or she choose to violate these terms.

We know it is not a perfect world, but we want to operate in a mindset where parties let one another know of issues first, and give one another a reasonable bit of time to solve the problem before deleting stuff or running off to finding lawyers.

Here are the terms we expect you to follow when using our service:

Brief description of our service

A user, organically or via referral (Google, Facebook, etc.) arrives at either;

Or any other subpage under domain

On the domain, we provide for teachers a unique landing page for each class they decide to host. This landing page contains the information about the course and the teacher, and tools for sharing the landing page for promotional purposes. At our choice, we may also collect a registration fee from the students at the time of registration.

The landing page can start accepting student registrations and payments max sixty (60) days before the class end time. The teacher can choose a time, and amount of students required to be enrolled by such time, for the class to take place.

If a sufficient number of students is not reached by the time pre-set by the teacher, the class is automatically cancelled and the students receive back any charges they have paid, in full.

If the sufficient number of students have registered by the time set by teacher, the teacher commits to delivering the class. Only if there are specific circumstances (such as illness) that prevent the teacher from delivering the class, the class may be cancelled. In this case the teacher will not be entitled to receive payment, as we will refund the possible charges to the students.

We provide for students a possibility to browse classes, to register to a class and pay the charges related to registration.

After class, the student gets to give a rating for the class on our site. This is prompted by an email we send.

Your use of our service

You are free to access and use our service and its content for your personal use as intended through the interface and functionalities of service we may make available from time to time and as permitted pursuant to these terms. Even though we are not bad people we do not permit you to exploit our service for any other purposes, such as distributing our service or its content (including by way of linking, framing or otherwise) elsewhere or using it for any other commercial purposes than we have permitted.

We also expect you to respect our copyrights and other proprietary rights in our service, as well as those of others to their content, so don’t do anything with our service or any content in it (whether ours or that of others) that infringes any copyrights or other proprietary rights subsisting in them. This means that you are not allowed to copy, modify, translate or distribute or otherwise make available to the public any parts of the service unless we have permitted you to do so.

While you’re with us, we expect you to follow all local and national rules, regulations, legislation, relevant age limits, and common sense, plus exercise respectful behaviour towards other users of our service (including, but not limited to, respecting every individuals’ gender, race, religion, country of origin, political views, sexual orientation, physical appearance and physical limitations) when you;

  • Enter inputs (such as course descriptions or comments) or do transactions on our website
  • Prepare or deliver your presentation content
  • Are physically present at such time at such venue which is stated on a course description on our website
  • Deal with people involved in your class, once that the event we helped set up, is over
  • Approach us, our representatives, instructors or students with questions or concerns
  • In any other manner interact within the context of classes we intermediate

While we might step in and help the teachers with their topics, venues, class descriptions and presentation materials and presentation style tips and marketing the class, in the end these remain 100% the teachers’ responsibility. We do not accept any responsibility for type or quality of the content, or for ensuring that the class gets students or fills up completely.

The students are 100% accountable for any and all feedback they provide or choose not to provide.

Regardless of what content or materials you upload to our service or publish or deliver via our service, you will continue to own all copyright and other rights to it. However, as great power comes with great responsibility, you will remain solely responsible for your own content and liable for the consequences that may arise from you submitting and publishing such content on our service, specifically in terms of you having all necessary rights and licenses to use your content in our service and that your content does not infringe anyone else’s proprietary rights.

Also we will need a license from you to your content so that we can use it as part of our service. So by submitting content on our service, you give us a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, transferable, sub-licensable and royalty-free license to copy, reproduce, modify and distribute and otherwise make available your content in relation to our service. You also give each user of our service a personal, non-exclusive and limited license to access and interact with your content through the service, as permitted through the functionality of the service and pursuant to these terms. We will not use your content in other contexts than the service.

Our rights and responsibilities

We will do our best to keep our service available on a 24/7 basis. However, we may temporarily take down the service for maintenance purposes. Also, given that we are providing a software solution and operating in the internet environment, the service may not be accessible at all times or operate error-free, and we do not give any warranties to this effect. So, we always provide the service “as is” and “as available”.

We only act as an intermediary, providing a service for teachers and students to find one another, for handling payments via Stripe, and rating hosts. The responsibility of all content entered lies strictly with the user. To the widest extent permitted by applicable law, our responsibility is restricted to our platform’s technical operation.

We retain the right to mediate other services to the teachers, such as make arrangements and/or pay for a venue or an insurance required for a class to happen. In these cases we and the teacher agree to communicate to one another any venue or insurance policies and we automatically assume that the teacher complies with these. We do not assume any responsibility for services we mediate outside of our online platform.

We have no obligation to monitor our service or how it is used, and we mostly place our trust in you so that you are acting in compliance with these terms. However, we reserve the right to review any content you have submitted and in case it comes to our attention that any such content violates these terms, we have the right to delete, redact, or otherwise modify such content, in our discretion, and we may refrain from displaying or posting any content without notice or further obligation to you. If your user account is closed or terminated for whatever reason, we may in our discretion remove or delete any of your content from the service.

Please note that if you have acted in violation of these terms or if we believe that your actions may cause damage, harm or legal liability to you or any other user, the public or any third party we are partnering with in relation to the service, or if we are compelled to do so pursuant to a court order or applicable law, we have the right to terminate, close or suspend your account and delete any of your content.

Superlect owns all copyrights and other proprietary rights (such as trademarks, trade names, business secrets, patents and utility models and rights to get-up) in and to the service and all content that we provide. We do not give you any rights to utilise them in any other manner than we have described in these terms.


Monetary transactions related to class registration charges are always handled securely and reliably by Stripe, and Stripe only. Under no circumstances can Stripe hold the charges on our behalf for more than ninety (90) days from payment. Stripe is a third party service provider who processes your personal data in accordance with its own practices. You can view Stripe’s privacy policy here

Other pre agreed costs, such as a case where a venue or an insurance policy is pre negotiated to be paid by us on behalf of the teacher, will be settled by us getting an invoice directly from vendor, or by teacher sending us her own invoice and including a copy of the vendors invoice to her.

When a student pays class charges, neither we or the teacher receive transfers or payouts right away. The money goes into Stripes’ “escrow-like” state where the charges remain with Stripe.

Once the class has ended, the students have 48 hours to rate the class. The end of class is calculated by adding the course duration to the course start time.

During this 48 hour period the student also has an opportunity to make a complaint about a class that did not take place at all, or if a class fell severely short of delivering what was promised.

In a case of complaint the “escrow-like” state is extended for up to thirty (30) days from class end time, during which our team will gather more information directly from both the teacher and other students of the class and return student charges in full in case of a justified claim.

If no complaints are received within 48 hours, the charges held by Stripe shall be forwarded onwards, in the following proportions. A transfer of 80% of charges shall be made to the class host, and a payout of 20% of charges plus possible registration fees in full are made to Superlect.


As we mentioned before, your privacy is important to us. Even though we may process your personal data in another country than your home country, as a Finnish company, we comply with the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation when processing your personal data. Here we let you know in more detail how we process your personal data we receive in relation to our service.

What kinds of personal data we process

We collect and process the following information about you; first name, last name, email address, Stripe ID number, the topics of classes hosted or attended, and amount of money spent per topic or per time period.

In our newsletter we ask for teachers and students to voluntarily give additional information, such as their country, zip code, topics of interest they would like to teach, and topics of interest which they would wish to study. This is done in order to help teachers and students find one another.

We also collect certain data automatically based on your use of our service by using cookies and analytics tools, as we explain in more detail later. We may combine this type of data with your personal data when we collect it while you are signed in to our service.

We receive your personal data directly from you when you sign up to our service or later decide to provide it to us, or through the use of cookies and similar technologies.

How we use your personal data and on what grounds

Based on the agreement you have concluded with us, we use your personal data to fulfil the agreement that you have made with us and to enforce the rights and obligations relating to that agreement.We also process your data to manage and develop the customer relationship, such as to contact you, send you updates relating to our service (such as newsletters), for invoicing and debt collection and invite you to customer surveys.

Please note that one of the properties of the service is to establish communications with other users of our service (in specific between teachers and students), so your details may made available to other users as well to facilitate taking part into the selected class and other related communication between you. This is also part of the agreement.

We may also provide you with direct marketing and target and customise our marketing and other content in order to serve you with more relevant content and create profiles and customer segments based on your interactions with our content and other information we have collected from you. We process your data for these purposes based on the agreement you have with us or our legitimate interest if you are not our customer. If have requested your consent for the foregoing activities, we process your personal data based on that consent. You can always opt out of receiving direct marketing and other updates, and object to profiling as well as withdraw your consent.

Based on our legitimate interest we may use your personal data and other information we collect automatically to analyse and develop our products, services and business, and to better understand how our services are used. We will not use your information in an identifiable form if it is not necessary for the abovementioned purposes.

Disclosures and access to your personal data

Superlect does not sell, lease or otherwise transfer or disclose your personal data to third parties except in situations we describe here.

We may transfer personal data about you to our trusted third party service providers (such as our hosting service providers) to process it on our behalf, based on our instructions and in compliance with this Privacy Policy, any other appropriate confidentiality and security measures as well as applicable data protection laws.

We may disclose your information to authorities when we have a legal obligation or other legitimate interest to do so under applicable law.

Based on your consent we may disclose your information within the limits of the specific consent you have given. Information on revoking your consent is provided below.

We may disclose your personal data in connection with a business transaction, if and to the extent necessary.

We may disclose your personal data if it is necessary in order to protect or defend our legitimate rights and interests, or those of our users, employees, directors or shareholders, and/or to ensure the safety and security of our services.

Access to users’ personal data is limited to Superlect personnel. Data derived of such data, such as averages, can be shared by us to relevant people such as company advisors or consultants.

Your rights

As the data subject, under data protection laws you can influence on how we process your personal data in the following ways:

Right of access, rectification and erasure: You have the right to request access to your personal data we process. At your request we will also rectify any inaccurate, incomplete or outdated personal data relating to you. You also have the right to request your personal data to be erased (right to be forgotten) in accordance with applicable law.

Data portability: You have the right to receive the personal data concerning you, which you have provided to us, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and have the right to transmit those data to another controller when we process your data automatically based on a contract or your consent.

Right to object to direct marketing (including related profiling): In case you do not want to receive further marketing or other updates from us or wish to opt out of profiling we do in order to offer you tailored direct marketing, you have the right to object to processing of your personal data for those purposes. Should you use your right to object, you will no longer receive direct marketing from us. You can use your right to object either by contacting us or through the unsubscribe link on electronic messages we send you.

Right to object data processing and right of restriction: You have the right to object to processing we carry out based on legitimate interest on grounds relating to your particular situation, unless we have compelling legitimate interests for the processing which override those interests. You also have the right to request the restriction of the processing of your personal data, for example, in case you object to processing as described above or contest the accuracy of your personal data.

Revocation of consent: You may revoke a consent you have given at any time by contacting us or unsubscribing from further updates from us through the unsubscribe link on electronic messages we send you. Please note that revoking your consent does not affect the legality of the processing we have carried out prior to the revocation.

To exercise your rights, please contact Anton Valle via email,

Right to lodge a complaint: You have the right to lodge a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority in case you feel that we have processed your personal data contrary to this Privacy Policy or the applicable law. Contact details of the Finnish supervisory authority can be found at

Use of cookies

Just like any other service, we use cookies and similar technologies. A cookie is a small file downloaded on to your device when you access a certain website. We use cookies to recognise your device when you make a return visit, to provide you with targeted and more relevant content and to better understand how our services are used.

We collect, segment and analyze digital information gathered on our site, using the user’s ip address, including but not limited to; time of landing on site, time spent on site, browser type, time zone, geographical location, actions and conversions in to transactions.

For monitoring and analyzing website traffic, we use Google Analytics. They have the following terms of service and privacy policy which governs both how Google, and we at Superlect, are allowed to use their tool;

In order to serve you better, to offer students more relevant classes and to provide teachers with info about what classes are in demand in your area, we may use remarketing tools of Google, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Retention of data

Information we process will only be retained as long as is necessary to fulfil the abovementioned purposes or as long as we have a statutory obligation to keep your information, after which it will be deleted from our files.

When you have an agreement with us, we retain your data for at least the time that agreement is in effect. After the customer relationship ends, the retention period depends on the data and its purpose of use. For example, we retain your personal data for direct marketing purposes until you have objected to it, and retain invoicing and payment information for 6 years after the customer relationship has ended.

We comply with statutory obligations in retaining data.

If you have exercised your right to object to direct marketing, we may still keep certain information about you to comply with that request

Limitation of our liability

Our liability for any direct loss or damages incurred by you as the result of using the service does not exceed the amount paid by you, if any.

Superlect is in no event liable to you for any direct, indirect or consequential losses, expenses or damages whatsoever (such as loss of profits, operation, goodwill or data or damage to any software or equipment used) that may arise from or in connection with your access to or use of the service or its content.

These limitations do not apply to any damage or loss that cannot be limited pursuant to applicable law, and you still have the right to claim damages in the extent afforded under mandatory law.


To the extent permitted by applicable law, you agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Superlect from and against any and all claims, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) arising from: (i) your use of and access to the service; (ii) your violation of any term of these terms; (iii) your violation of any third party right, including without limitation any copyright, proprietary or privacy right; or (iv) any claim that your content has caused damage to a third party.


Given the personal nature of the rights and licences given and the obligations that are related to the use of the service, you may not transfer or assign them to a third party without our permission. Superlect may, however, transfer any of its rights and obligations relating to these terms and the provision of the service (including the agreements made pursuant to these terms) to third party without restrictions.

Governing Law and Disputes.

The service and these terms are governed by the substantive laws of Finland, however, excluding its choice of law principles. Any claims or disputes that may arise from or in connection with the service or these terms, that you and Superlect are not able to resolve amicably, shall be settled as the first instance in the District Court of Helsinki, Finland. By accepting these terms you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Finnish courts.

Changes to these terms

As we are continuously improving and developing our services and business, we may need to make changes to these terms, including our privacy statement. We will do our best to notify you of any changes we may make to these terms. Please be sure to periodically monitor these terms for changes.

By continuing the use of our service after such changes, we take it that you have accepted the changed terms.

Latest revision on 1.6.2018